Leasing Guide

Spread the cost of your refurbishment and furniture

Office Furniture and Refurbishment Leasing

One of the biggest problems businesses face today is cash flow. Finding the funds for all the needs of the business, whether it be for refurbishment or furniture. It is vital that assets are not paid for out of cash flow so cash is retained for those important day-to-day needs - KEEP YOUR CASH, FUND PURCHASES THROUGH BRISTOL BUSINESS INTERIORS.

Bristol Business Interiors provides funding for assets through Finance Lease agreements, over terms as short as 6 months up to 3 years. With a Leasing Agreement, you select the refurbishment and furniture you want, Bristol Business Interiors will then purchase it on your behalf and you then lease it for the agreed term, treating the goods as your own throughout.


Because we recognise the benefits of leasing can vary depending on the type of organisation borrowing the money,please go to category on the index below which covers your business . . .


Small & Medium Enterprises (SME's)

Most businesses understand the benefits of refurbishing or refitting their working environments - the positive influence on staff morale, productivity and loyalty are well documented. However, the cost of a professional design and build project can often result in it being postponed or significantly downgraded.

Leasing offers a cost effective way of spreading the cost over any period up to five years, which means the project can go ahead immediately but without the upfront capital expenditure.

Contact us to find out how our finance packages can assist with spreading the cost of a project, whilst at the same time providing a tax efficient funding solution.

We firmly believe in long term partnerships, and will go out of our way to ensure complete customer satisfaction on every transaction.


Professions - lawyers, architects

By far the largest proportion of clients who take up leasing in the office furniture and interiors market is by the professional firms, in particular lawyers and barristers.

Because the partners in these firms pay tax at 40%, leasing offers significant savings over paying cash or using a bank loan facility.

On an average fit out project, we estimate this saving can be up to 18% of the project cost compared with paying cash. This is because lease rentals are fully allowable against taxable profits and do not ave to be capitalised in the same way as a cash purchase or loan agreement.

A principle benefit of leasing is the fact the cost is spread over a period of time. This means the current partners are not paying up front for capital expenditure which future partners coming into the firm will benefit from. If leasing the office fit out is included as a revenue item in the firm's overheads, the new partners will pay towards this out of their general contribution.


Local Authority - education, etc.

More and more Government funded bodies are using leasing to fund new equipment and capital expenditure projects. Whether it is education, health or local authority, our partner Plus Finance has significant experience in this area, and understands the particular requirements of the market.

A lease facility makes the annual budget go further, and repayments can be made quarterly, termly or annually over any period up to seven years. But the other benefit of using leasing is to ensure that each year group using the equipment or benefiting from the project helps to finance it. If the equipment/project is paid for from current or previous leftover budget, then future years have use of it essentially for free. By using a leasing arrangement the cost is spread fairly between each year group.

All our leasing facilities are LA approved and SSAP 21 compliant. 

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